The Galactic Empire


The current ruler of the Galactic Empire is Claudius Aelius of Alpha Verde I. His rein has lasted for the past 95 years thanks to the extensive medical breakthroughs of Kenko Corporation.

Emperor Claudius

Claudius Aelius was born on Alpha Verde I on June 4th 4501. He came to power at the age of three after the bloodline of Emperor Lucius Alfer was wiped out in a military uprising. From 4504 to 4519 the Galactic Empire was governed by a series of stewards the last of which being Gaius Tullius.

In recent years Emperor Claudius has begun to remove himself from the public sphere, he is rarely seen, only making brief appearances at political functions. The majority of his political functions are carried out by his sons Maximus and Thaddius.


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