Gosling Shadow Hand – Episode Summaries

Season One

A newly formed team of Shadow Hand initiates try to make a name for themselves within the syndicate.

S1E1 – Graduation – The team is sent to Drishti to investigate inconsistent bookkeeping at The Happy Clam warehouse.

S1E2 – Entourage – A VIP escort mission to Icheon goes awry, forcing the team to attempt a casino heist without backup.

S1E3 – Fractals – A covert mission to the quarantined planet A-Xel goes awry, forcing the team to make some difficult decisions.

Season Two

S2E1 – Gentech– Things go from bad to worse as the team attempts to complete their mission on the planet A-Xel.

S2E2 – Envoy – Tasked with returning a priceless artifact to the Asahina, the team must traverse  Jackson’s Freehold the notoriously dangerous space station.

S2E3 – DiplomacyAD, Clint and Dai must fake their way through the pomp and circumstance of Shadow Hand high society but all is not what is seems.

Season Three

S3E1 – Retrograde – Hiding out from a diplomatic mission gone wrong, the reformed team is sent to Vo-Gia-Tri in the far reaches of Shadow Hand territory.

S3E2 – HR – When an Atlas recruitment center lands on the planet, the team goes in to assess the situation. /Series End