Gosling TOS – Episode Summaries

Season One

S1E1 – The First One’s Free – The crew is hired to smuggle goods across the imperial border.
Locations: Azure, Jackson’s Freehhold, (Four Queens)

S1E2 – Ghost in the Machine – The crew investigates a message from a man believed to be dead.
Locations: Station P-050398437, (The Frantic Manikin)

S1E3 – A Bird in the Hand – Clarence goes missing during a job on Jackson’s Freehold.
Locations: Jackson’s Freehold, (Shuāng Yuèliàng Imports), (The Frantic Manikin)

S1E4 – Double Down – A high stakes poker tournament draws the attention of a mysterious businessman.
Locations: Jackson’s Freehold, (Celestial Gardens)

S1E5 – Drift – When a freighter goes missing in deep space the crew attempts to claim salvage rights.
Locations: Jackson’s Freehold, (Four Queens)
Reference Images: The Unmarked Gunship

S1E6 – A Hard Place – In order to pay back their debts the crew of the Halcyon must go deep into imperial space.
Locations: Jackson’s Freehold, (Four Queens), Kenko Corporation

Season Two

S2E1 – Black Tie – Upon their return to Jackson’s Freehold, Marcus and Kelso attempt to strike a deal with the Shadow Hand.
Locations: Jackson’s Freehold, (Noviss)

S2E2/Series End – Collateral Damage – The crew head to the planet Selena in search of a man who may be able to help them move their questionable cargo.
Locations: The Gosling


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