Scipio Lucan

From an old, but minor, noble house Scipio Lucan grew up hearing tales of the empires glory days. As with most nobles, even minor ones, Scipio’s early life was one of pleasure, but he always loved books, epics and poems about the great heroes of the Empire. He had read about the great conquest and law makers of the imperial golden age. However as he got older he started to noticed the cracks in the system. He saw the nepotism and vanity, how the core worlds had seemingly endlessly abused the outer worlds and then blamed them when things went poorly. His family hadn’t held a proper seat in the senate for generations but Scipio was determined to change that, and he’d do it the way the heroes of yore did, he would ascend the military ladder and come back a hero to make his reforms.

However he was highly opinionated and quick to debate, and while this won him many friends it made him many enemies. Not believing in his claims that he would restore his house’s glory, and that he would instead bring shame to an otherwise respected legacy, Scipio’s family quickly set about trying to arrange an advantageous marriage. Scipio was dutiful in his studies and worked hard to ensure that he would secure his military career, he shook hands with the right people and attended the right classes. This would work. Everything was going according to plan until a young artist walked into the campus pub and Scipio’s heart. Their romance was torrid and reached dizzying heights. In no time this would, as with many other young men with promising futures, be his downfall.

Eventually his parents brought his blushing bride to be to their planet and Scipio was horrified, while quite comely she was the epitome of everything he hated about the empire, lazy and corrupt her family had used their strangle hold over a few small mining colonies to drive up the price of valuable resources while at the same time exploiting their workers with horrible conditions. How could his family expect him to marry into such a cruel, corrupt family? But he was the first son of his house, he had a duty, he could and would find a way.

Scipio may very well have found a way, but the artist in his life wouldn’t leave quietly. She pursued him and, considering how loveless the rest of his life was set to be, he quickly fell back into her arms. Almost as quickly as Scipio reunited with his artist lover his bride to be discovered them. As the artist came from common stock she was quickly dealt with. Bemoaning the loss of his lover and shamed for his affair being brought to light, Scipio quietly used what few favours he had left to transfer out to the farthest reaches of the empire.