Rowan Twinties [D]

Rank: Celestial Defense – Private

Oh. You haven’t heard of Rowan Twinties? Well pull up a chair because his is a story of legend. Born into a wealthy trading family. Rowan was bored to death and hated the mundane lifestyle of a space merchant. Under so much pressure from his family to inherit the Twinties Trade Ships. He ran away from home at the rebellious age of 13. On his own he was founded by the DarkCybers. A thieves guild that specialized in pick-pocketing and hacking private and accounts upon commission. It was there Rowan learned how to hack. Turns out he was very good. Too good in fact, and his ego cost him dearly. At the age of 16 the DarkCybers convinced him to hack into his families accounts. Upon succeeding he was discovered by bragging about the big score at a local tavern. He was arrested and was sent to face judgement from his family. They agreed not to press charges under the condition that he’d join the military to pay back his family.

Rowan made many comrades in the academy with his quick wit and charming flattery. He graduated with top scores but the story that really gave Rowan Twinties his good name was his first patrol mission with Captain Lewis LeGame. A civilian cruise ship had a malfunction near an asteroid belt. The Captain determined it too dangerous and insisted that there was nothing they could do. This was unacceptable for Rowan, so he stole a space suit and jet pack, and made his way to the ship himself. Through shear dumb luck he managed to make it to the ship relatively unharmed. He not only fixed the ship but he piloted the ship through the asteroid belt saving dozens of lives.

He was praised as a hero and to this day is the youngest in the military to ever earn a medal of valor. Which only fueled his egotistic behavior. While former Captain LeGame was decommissioned for turning his back on the civilians he swore to protect.

Through all this success. Rowan doesn’t speak to his parents despite their best efforts. The last they heard of him was a package he sent with the money he owed them with a note

“We are even.”


STR: 4
AGI: 10
VIT: 6
ALE: 6
INT: 10
WIL: 4

LP: 10
INIT: D10+D6
END: D4+D6
RES: D6+D6

Athletics: D4
Covert: D6
Slight of hand: D8
Streetwise: D8
Influence: D6
Seduction: D10
Mech Eng: D6
Repairs: D8
Perception: D6
Performance: D6
Pilot: D6
Gunships: D12
Ranged weapons: D4
Tech Eng: D6
Hacking: D10

Overconfident, Amorous, Memorable
Good Name, Math Whiz, Heavy Tolerance