Prius Nunez [D]

NUNEZ, PRIUS 277077943N

RANK: Private – Celestial Defense
PLACE OF ORIGIN: Jackson’s Freehold
ACADEMY CLASS: 526 (94th Percentile)

Mother (Suera Nunez)
Father (Jarius Nunez)
Sister (Maria Nunez)
Brother (Olus Nunez)

Despite being born outside of Imperial space and being raised so close to the rim, Private Nunez seems to possess a healthy appreciation for the empire and the military.

NOTE: Private Nunez responded belligerently, referring to someone as a ‘non-imperial pleb’ during mess hall following an debate regarding capital punishment.

NOTE: Private Nunez was seen staring at a catalog of phallic objects late at night (Further investigation has revealed it was a catalog of sabers)


96 Counts of extra laps following refusal to attend specialization or leadership classes. (Private Nunez was found to have been attending on- campus fencing classes during the appropriate time slots)

Private Nunez was responsible for shattering the hip of Private Barnett (Personnel File #31152698) in a legal duel. (The footage of the duel can be viewed at THIS link)

STR: 6
AGI: 10
VIT: 8
ALE: 6
INT: 4
WIL: 8

LP: 16
INIT: D10+D6
END: D10+D6
RES: D8+D8

Athletics: D6
Dodge: D10
Discipline: D6
Mental Resist: D8
Guns: D6
Heavy weapons: D2
Influence: D2
Knowledge: D2
Medical exp: D4
Melee Weapon CMBT: D6
Swords: D12+D4
Perception: D6
Scientific exp: D2
Survival: D4
Unarmed Combat: D6

Things Don’t Go Smooth, Lightweight, Phobia (Heights)
Fighting Type, Talented (swords), Steady Calm