Markus Grus

Grus is from a Plebeian family that is not wealthy or prominent, but is respectable, and does its duty to serve the Empire. He’s the second son of two. His older brother studied law after a short stint in Planetary Patrol with the support of their parents, with the expectation that he would be the next head of the family. Marcus went into the military with the intent to make it his career, because it was what was expected of a second son.

He did well in training, though was not exceptional. He was assigned to [REDACTED].

(Sent for a tour near the border. Nice people. Went bad. Fighting went on too long. Can’t trust civilians; enemy dresses the same. Asshole in charge made a bad call.)

Since that assignment Grus’ relationship with his family has been strained. He conforms to imperial military expectations, but feels uneasy about things. He’s come to distrust those in charge of military, but does not know what to do about it.

Was part of a soldier mystery cult, but lapsed. Hasn’t spoken to his sponsor. Hasn’t really spoken to any of his old friends except Clark. Probably best to keep your head and do your job.