Imperial Military

The Imperial Military comprises both terrestrial law enforcement and planetary defenses. Soldiers and officers commit their lives to the service of the Empire and are rewarded with an extensive education, financial support and prestige. There are five main branches of the military: Civil, Planetary, Celestial, Breach and Imperial.

Civil Unit (Grey) – Civil Units maintain law and order within imperial city-spires and colonies. After basic training, all soldiers receive a commission as a Civil Unit. Through performance reviews and aptitude tests a Unit can progress through the ranks and apply for a new commission either on another planet or for a different military branch.
Stereotype: Washouts

Planetary Patrol (Blue) – Sometimes seen as an extension of the civil branch, the Planetary Patrol is responsible for the safety and security of extra-planetary bodies controlled by the Empire. These include space stations, asteroid mining facilities, solar fueling ports and buoys. Patrollers are dedicated to a specific sector and do not venture far from their port of call.
Stereotype: Trust fund babies

Celestial Defense (White) – Celestial defenders operate as squadrons and secure the shipping routes between imperial sectors and patrol it’s borders. Each squadron has a designated patrol route and home base. A Defender’s main objective is to intercept threats within their designated sector. Once contained, jurisdiction passes to either the Planetary Patrol or Breach Agents in the sector.
Stereotype: Middle managers

Breach Agent (Silver) – Cleared for diplomatic missions beyond imperial borders and within the Merchant Republic, Breach Agents are normally fluent in multiple languages and proficient tacticians, as such, an Agent commission cannot be purchased. Breach Agents work alongside the subsequent branches of the military in their effort to protect the best interests of the Empire.
Stereotype: Keeners

Imperial Guard (Gold) – The role of the Imperial Guard is to protect Alpha Verde I and the imperial family. Alpha Verde I has it’s own planetary defense network coordinated and run entirely by the Guard. Due to the nature of their office, Guards are rarely seen off of Alpha Verdi I and have little contact with other branches of the military. Only those with top tier security clearance, traceable lineage and exemplary service records are inducted into the Guard.
Stereotype: Ghosts