Gosling Empire – Episode Summaries

Season One

S1E1 – The Belmont – While on a routine patrol, the crew of the Catalina encounter a Merchant Republic ship in distress.

S1E2 – Rough Waters – After being transferred to Breach division, the crew is tasked with investigating the pirate activity in Tau sector.

S1E3 – New Phone, Who Dis? – New faces and a race against the clock to save a valuable informant.

S1E4 – Foresight – While following up on the recent drug bust, Aaron and Scipio run into trouble when their questions garner them unwanted attention.

S1E5 – The Jungle – Hunting down Rowan‘s connection to the Dark Cybers takes the crew to  Jackson’s Freehold. What they find, is trouble.

S1E6 – Thermisto – After a navcom error leads them into the grey belt of Rho sector, the crew receives a distress call from a nearby imperial colony.

S1E7:1 – Diplomatic Immunity Pt.1 – The crew of the Aristotle receive an urgent message from command and continue their investigation into the life of Scott Martov.

S1E7:2 – Diplomatic Immunity Pt.2