Constantine Formic

Rank: Breach Agent – 1st Lieutenant
Homeworld: Gamma Solidago II

Constantine Formic hails from a minor house with a modest but growing presence in Gamma Sector. The Formics were ennobled relatively recently, creating a strong pressure to maintain their position of power. Constantine was born the third son in the main family line and was thus groomed to pursue a career in either the family business (managing a small number of agricultural operations throughout the empire) or the military. Choosing the latter, an officer commission was purchased for Constantine and he was sent off to the local imperial academy when he came of age.

Upon graduating from the academy, Constantine served as a 2nd Lieutenant aboard the Lulis, an medium-large Rook-class patrol vessel tasked with the Planetary Patrol in Rho sector.

Important NPCs:

Captain Solon: Captain in command of the Lulis. Mid-30s. Hands off leadership style. Pushes paperwork onto his subordinates.

Basia Olen: First Lieutenant aboard the Lulis.

Tarja Fallon: Fellow officer operating out of Tau sector, friendly rivalry that’s mostly just for show (since they both know that there aren’t very many opportunities for upwards mobility out here).

Aleksy Formic: Elder brother managing the familial agricultural business in Gamma sector.

STR: 6
AGI: 6
VIT: 6
ALE: 8
INT: 8
WIL: 8

LP: 14
END: D8+D6
RES: D6+D6

Animal handling: D2
Artistry: D4
Athletics: D2
Discipline: D6
Leadership: D8
Mental Resist: D8
Guns: D4
Heavy weapons: D2
Influence: D6
Bureaucracy: D8
Administration: D8
Knowledge: D6
Law: D8
Linguist: D2
Medical exp: D2
Perception: D6
Tactics: D8
Intuition: D8
Pilot: D2
Planetary vehicles: D2
Scientific exp: D2
Tech Eng: D2

Loyal (Crew), Straight Shooter, Superstitious
Leadership, Trustworthy gut, Military Rank