The most prolific of the clans, Centipedes are the ground troops of the Shadowhand. They are trained in all manner of combat, from blades to guns, and make up at least a third of any installation’s population.

The Centipede clan is perhaps the least prestigious branch of Shadowhand as it takes little more than a strong arm and steady hand to gain entry.

The number of active Snake clan members is difficult to track as most take on multiple aliases. They are the espionage and covert operations branch of Shadowhand dealing in stolen information from across the Empire and Rim Worlds.

Members of the Snake clan tend to be mistrusted by friends and foes alike, as their reputation as information dealers tends to precede them.

Nearly as numerous as Centipede, the Scorpion clan are the pilots and heavy weapon specialists of the Shadowhand. Scorpions tend to stick to one area of expertise throughout their career and train the next generation as they come up through the ranks.

Scorpions are very competitive, as choice jobs are assigned to those who have obtained a mark of distinction among their peers. Because of this, Scorpion clan has the highest number of sanctioned duels of all the clans.

As the smallest clan, Lizards are few and far between. It takes a specific mix of skills to perfect combat and ops in free fall and those who meet the requirements of the Lizard clan find themselves in high demand.

Lizards move constantly, taking one assignment after another. With their extended exposure to work in the void, the life expectancy of a member of the Lizard clan is not long.

Indispensable and never tiring, the Toad clan are mechanics, engineers and medics. Within their ranks is a wealth of knowledge and a diverse set of skills that the other clans have come to depend on.

The Toad clan is the least glamorous of the five and often overlooked, with it’s members relegated to ship work and low stakes tasks, however it is a foolish agent who undermines the lifeblood of the organization.




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