Jackson’s FreeHold

A space station just beyond the reach of the Galactic Empire. The FreeHold  is made up of several ships that have been strung together to form a massive satellite nestled in an asteroid field. In the beginning, the owners of the original ships made up the governing body of the station. However over the years majority ownership has made its way into the hands of an individual calling himself The Suit.

The FreeHold is the center of all black market dealings in the galaxy, it is littered with casinos, bars and brothels. Jackson FreeHold is also rumored to have close ties with the Shadow Hand. The denizens of the freehold are resourceful and quick to capitalize on any situation they may find themselves in. Jackson’s Freehold has been the final destination for many an unwary traveler. The Caspian

The ParadiseClub AstraTaurus


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